Don't Let Me go

Wanted to create a song of hope

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Had a blast putting my own spin on this classic 80’s song by The Hooters. Also, say hello to my new blue brick studio backdrop!
This hard rocking song about the way we treat our favorite planet is a new exploration of an old musical direction.
The story of the feelings of love and bewilderment that can sometimes steal upon us without warning, and the realization of what matters most in life.
Inspired by reflections upon my return to college after many years, with thoughts of what my parents might have felt if they could have seen me graduate from the Berklee College of Music.
A video arrangement of a great Ed Sheeran song, demonstrating the way songs are recorded and assembled with multiple instruments and vocals, one piece at a time.
On the obstacles we face in our journey through life and the realization that our setbacks and broken dreams can also be opportunities.
A hopeful lullaby written for the little ones in my life.
A meditation on the imperfections that we all carry with us through life and the precariousness of our belief in ourselves.
Written on the occasion of a New Year’s Eve while watching an in Memoriam show, thinking about the lives that were lost and the need to look ahead to a more hopeful future.
Reflections on the state of the world, and the need for us to treat one another with greater love and respect
Inspired by a trip down memory lane, when I traveled back to my hometown for a high school reunion.
An early song on the first steps in a young man’s journey through the vicissitudes of life.
A song about the reaching out to a friend in need and the connection between two hearts.
A song about believing in the impossible.